Saya Ada Costume Opera Cina Yang Comel

hi uols,

Yes dah memang sedia maklum I am the most cute person ever ^_^ 
even you put my picture beside Zyn Malik am still the cute one aite? hahaha
verangan kan my statement tu? so undeniable 

Semalam my housemate rent a costume from Pola Cipta, kalau tak silap kedai 
tu jenis shop lot dan terletak di Sri Hartamas. My housemate selalu sewa costume di Pola Cipta kalau 
dia ada event seperti annual dinner, party, dan halloween costume.
But this time dia nak pakai untuk Annual Dinner office dia kat Johor tu.
well mostly if there had event like this, staff from Johor would say staff from KL would not give what is take! Macam dorang tak letak harapan katanya staff from KL would
bring the boring outfit. Mistake you!
like OMG are you kidding me. On the previous Annual Dinner which is held couple months ago my housemate won the title of Best Dress Custome kot!.Terus terdiam mereka semua.
 Don't underestimated him hahah

kalau setakat pakai costume or crossdress ni so sorry to say itu memang "makanan" kami.  
Like if you guys work it out only 100% and yet you are satisfied enough, well honey for people like us can bring it up to 200% efforts  way from your expectation
Yes I am the cute Opera Chinese yang comel itu ^_^
Yeah, I do really love the boots, it really suit me well.
seriously boots tu sangat panjang ok, 5 inch before it reach my knee hehe
So this time I do hope that he win some extra lucky draw. 
boleh bawa balik LCD 41inch, alaaa kalau setakat menang best dress apa lah sangat cash yang dia dapat tu. Boleh cover his gas tank like all the way from Johor to KL kot! 
ok daaa jangan kacau mak nak makeup kejap lagi nak perform ni
kalau korang nak tengok facebook pola cipta korang just boleh search kat Facebook.
gud luck semuanya. Enjoy your event.

Stay Goddess people~

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