Mar 11, 2013

Owl Necklace Is So Lame and new trend of Necklace.

Hey uols,

FYI............I am one of the accessories freak fanatic too! yeah I am capable of collecting all the stuff and make them full packed into my drawer. haha that is so damn true!

Ok I had my own opinion, where all the Owl Necklace design nowadays like super humungous lame. yeah I mean LAME! L.A.M.E
like come on sister! rantai burung hantu tu jenis lapuk kot. Stop from using them anymore cos these days benda tu dah tak fashionable at all. haha either you like it or not that's the fact.

like seriously inside my wardrobe I do owned those necklace like 5 piece of it. But what I do is, I just hang it over my wardrobe table and let it cover by dust.
If you guys sense the trending fashion for necklace nowadays there more modern STUD NECKLACE (Berduri) where it give the fresh sense in fashion style ^_^
Stud = A large-headed piece of metal that pierces and projects from a surface, esp. for decoration. 
That's why they called it STUD instead of THORN, it is for the material use.
 except than this STUD NECKLACE the other trend of new trending Necklace is MOUSTACHE NECKLACE (well not) This kind of design kind of attract me to have those cute Moustache cos they come into variety of color and shapes. It depends on your mood which you can label it as your OOTD (outfit of the day) normally it come into vibrant color and shiny metal.
 ok considered this as for your extra information. Nowadays people who love accessories would go for a big a bold necklace. Pictures below as your references, for me this kind of necklace design would give extra casual look. Who said a T-Shirt doesn't matched with this kind of necklace ^_^
So far that I've concern girls normally love to wear a necklace design called Collar Necklace, I bet you guys already seen it by yourself right? and even I do made it by myself D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) and also I went to the some outlet in Pavilion to buy one of this Collar Necklace and I prefers -Plain Silver- 
By wearing those plain silver suits in any outfit that you wore. So that's it for today. Anything just let me know if you have other interest in necklace or other accessories. 

Stay goddess~



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