Apr 29, 2011

Our World, Their War

I will choose Option B

Option B
: Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world.

Decepticons 4eva~

OMG!! yesss I've been waiting for this moment for long time ago~ and yesss since its dark of full moon, am gonna sure that this time we will defy those Autobots like small fries :) haha and this time those Autobots are not gonna hold it againts me like britney spears song...Decepticons will arise once again with more new soldier and new powerful high tech weapons...

its a common sense when ever the team leader were defeated by other group so officially the rest of the team will retreat cowardly...and as become the powerful Decepticons I will bring Optimus Prime down to the earth first...I bet he will never get the change to defeat me...coz am big, tall and totally strong enough to crush all the Autobots into pieces... are ready Optimus Prime???

yeah its me...Devastator!!! warghhhh

by sucking all those Autobots am pretty sure they gonna blended well...but first am gonna suck Optimus Prime and tear him into pieces in front the other Autobots hahaha (evil laugh) and once all the Autobots are vanish from this world it will make me easier to conquer all humans being and am gonna attack them with no mercy...i will attack those tiny humans by taking over their life....am gonna ensure that all things will transform into Decepticons and start to conquer the world...NOW THE DECEPTICONS SOLDIER ARE EVERYWHERE hahaha....

even into their food...that crab also on our side...

also not forget this redbull :)

hahaha...wanna play GameCepticons :)

Thumb drive are important to steal high priority document...grrrr~


click to transform it into large size :)

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p/s = this message are brought to you by Decepticons xoxo~