Apr 13, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers

Hye uols,

Q: what superhero would you be if you could create a new member for The Avenger’s team and how would you save the world.

Am gonna be the fast and powerful creature, I even can crush those enemy into ash without need any effort. What I just required is the anger to wake my inner power now let present to yiu guys my Inner Power i called it "Kifli Mally Kyuubi Mode" I got the power from my best friend Naruto himself, he curse those power inside my body and once I unleashing my 9 Tails no one will can even to bring me down. The power are too much and also can overwhelming me, that's why am only using 6 of my tails.

kind cute huh? I bet those enemy don't underestimate my ultimate power, once I unleashed my power from the inside those enemy will not even get a chance to defense themselves. It will give an easy way to my ally to force those enemy bow to the earth :)

I'll squeeze all my effort to help Thor and Captain America. My tail are use to defense my self.

Me and Iron Man can Fly as well, cool huh~

I do not necessarily to embedded all those weapon in order to smash those gigantic robot, my punch super sonic power will blow them away easily. Plus am super fast, fast enough to beat Flash and strong, strong enough to surpass Superman. Please look down when am fully transform into Kyuubi Mode :)

how do feel know you damn enemy? Yeah run for your life baby run for your mama...

so am I officially on those Marvel's Team :) I bet so weeeee~

p/s : A little credit to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia, For more info u guy can click here