Sep 7, 2012

My Fashion and Beauty Inspiration

Hey uols,
Ok let make this entry short. Wanna be a pretty and fashionable person we have just to follow the simple rules, spare in our mind that every single day is a perfect moment for us. Got it?
Later on you will understand what I’m trying to say.
Beauty and fashionable is subjective, but for me beauty and fashion is not necessary to be EXPESENSIVE in order to look stylish. Every person has their own way to present their way to look good. The way we looked same goes the way we present our self to the audience (public).
So let us talk about this two topic BEAUTY & FASHION

My fashion are more into unisex (Androgyny) so whatever girls wearing if it suits me I will give it a damn try, I would love to have different style to put on myself especially during big event such as fashion runway (MIFA 2011) and launching ceremony. Usually in my normal daily routine when I spend my time lepaking with my lovely friends I will just wore a pair of jeans (skinny or straight cut), those both type are my favourite all the time, but usually I do also wearing a Harem pants and the material are quite comfort and it got lots of style.
isn't it look sexy :)
Did you guys love heels? Oh my me and my friends are heels super lover, especially those heels which got exotic and glam design on it. Last year after attending this runway fashion show called Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) and I challenge myself to come up with something refreshing by wearing a heel and yet I make it. Well you know what, at the runway there’s a lot of celebrity and people who brutally on wearing many kind of fashion and some guys goes on wearing a heels too, see it’s become normal in our fashion industry. It just some of people are still afraid of come forward to say out loud on what kind of fashion they love to wear. As long you just be yourself is more than enough and of course put some confident on it.
Location at the Pavilion, mingling with some friends, this photo taken after the Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) show.

I do believe that nowadays everyone live in beauty, none no us who wants to look hideous isn’t it? Beauty is way too subjective therefor there’s thousand way to look beauty. The way you take care of yourself like wearing a mask on every weekend also considered as a part of beauty.
But for me beauty takes place when it comes to make up! Yes, makeup likes a Professional makeup artist. By putting a gentle line of eyeliner are good enough for you to look beauty on the picture. Usually what do people expect after they done with their makeover?
a) Glam b) Outrageous c) Satisfaction d) All above (^_^)
By having this kind of eyeliner should done the beauty for the whole day.
There’s a lot of expert beauty out there, but come to this professionalism I always refer to Hélène Quille. She is the France Professional Makeup Artist (MUA), the way she done her makeup was super amazing and yet she know on how to play with the colour and blend it well.

This tutorial I had follow Hélène Quille to do parody make over for Miss LADY GAGA
The most Model I always refer as being my inspiration is Andrej Pejic, SHE IS a HE, do not get shocked while am saying this but he is the World's Most Popular Male Model Walks Runways in Heels and of course Dresses. If you guys look at his picture at a glance you’ll notice that, this girl is a girl unfortunately SHE IS a HE who the only male that can do the runway on female and male outfit. But in Malaysia we do have this type of androgyny model like AMIR LUQMAN.
Andrej Pejic
Amir Luqman

“Both of them are beauty in their natural way.”

I do posted his name inside my bedroom :) Everytime I looked at his name it will inspired me alot.

Magazines are also one of my medium to find inspiration on both Beauty and Fashion. From one magazine jump into other magazine it shares with us on the uniqueness of Beauty and Fashion. We are dealing with huge passion of Beauty and Fashion and from there we can gather all the information to express to the audience. Let it be, let it the public judge on our Fashion let the public judge on our beauty.
Being an androgyny fashion would be the most advantages ever in Beauty and Fashion section, being flexible nowadays it is a must to all who seeking for the satisfaction.
Androgyny is just like you buy one and you'll get one for free. In one person of being androgyny you can do both runway presentation male and female :) wasn't fantastic?
Hope you guys enjoy some of my heels collection some of them are from Charles and Keith Heels, Nose and Vincci brand.