Jun 8, 2012

Sing Away Your Summer Days With Sunway Lagoon

If you had the chance to direct one slot of the musical, which song would you choose and how would you imagine the scene to be?

hye uols,

since i put my interest on theater musical i would killing my self for having my own theater musical, the theater scene should be complete where this couple start falling each other from the dance competition, both of them dance till they bleed and out of nowhere they fall in love to each other :)

every slot it somehow related to street dance where combining variety type of dance, can u guys imagine how cool the theater will be dance with full wisdom and lovely couple spread love

the story line are more better than Beauty and the Beast, more romantic compared to Romeo and Juliet. The love song are spread trough by Auburn - Perfect Two the dance floor will be the witness of their true love :)

the dance opening will be more tasteful where they vogue style of dance come as an opening gambit :) and on top of that i decide to come with street dance 2 soundtrack - together as one, it will stunned the audience with their style of dance and smash them all :)

#so only with the musical boys :)

here are the some preview hope you guys like it :)

-psssst jangan lupa usha pic kat bawah ni ok barang baik punya-

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