Jan 6, 2013

Review: Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous Makeovers!

hey uols,

so I can just reconsider this weekend will be my light entry bout the previous Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous Makeovers!. 

Hah amik ko mak jemah bila aku dah start bercakap dalam bahasa inggeris, tu pun aku amik masa sejam baru dapat buat satu line. Jadi aku proceed je dengan basaha BM hahaha,

beberapa minggu yang lepas mek hadirkan diri untuk Group Fashion Fabulous Makeover kat CoffeeSociété Publika. Serius aku cakap tempat tu sangat nice dan aku ada banyak snap tapi malas nak upload sebab camera cikai so result got some of the pictures quite blur and vague. 
 so weols sampai on time, like Sis Vinnilaa, Reiko and Shea having a quick acquaintance before we guys waiting for our Professional MUA (Make Up Artist) which is Sis Adzlinda accompany by her 2 friends ^_^
so lets start the Baking time haha.
 Sis Linda were giving her best touch to Shea
 same goes for this both gorgeous lady :) Love the lighting and the surrounding.
 The close touch up.
 sentuhan Kak Adzlinda so stunning kan? in the first place i thought it will look simple as it come to final touch up wow not bad at all. Love this kind of makeup Less Is More
 after done with the make over session me shea and the photographer (totally forgot his name SORRY T_T) doing our own photo session outside the CoffeeSociété
I do always support and (Kipas) Stick Nuffnang haha ^_^  muah *puke~
oh almost forgot, weols punya light dessert were sponsored by Let's Eat Pie. If am not mistaken on that day i was too busy munching the Chicken Apple, it taste so crunchy and easy to swallow hahaha~ Thanx ya for the delightful dessert ^_^
haha mek paling tak suka bila someone trying to give me an explanation on something cos i do really sucks on showing the face mimic . Always do the monyok face~

Thanx so much guys for the lovely moments. Oh yeah next Wednesday we need to attend the called fashion meeting session. Hurm we'll see what the agenda its all about :)

kalau uols semua nak tengok lots lots of pictures during the make over or behind the scene just [klik sini] dan [klik sini]


akuzle ayu said...

Event nuffnang mana tak besh kan?

Kifli Mally said...

@akuzle ayu yesss betul tu kak ayu :) semua event dia tak pernah menghampa kan ^_^

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