Jul 29, 2016

The Biggest Zumba party ever with Watsons Malaysia.

hi all, i nak throw simple and easy question. Siapa di antara korang ni yang suka berzumba? or you memang passionate giler dengan Zumba, boleh di katakan every week tu sure korang akan penuhkan schedule korang dengan aktiviti zumba. 

well if you really are, then here is some surprise that yall gonna thrill about it. 
ok in conjunction with move with your body #movewithyourbody by Watson, they all ni actually akan adakan satu event Zumba terbesar kat KL dan di lead oleh instructor International dari Colombia and Australia plus with a Non-stop Zumba hits spin by top DJ line up including Jakeman & Skeletor, Leng Yein, Chukiess & Whackboi and H3. 

Last year crowd dia melebihi 7000 participants within all malaysia which held in penang, dan tahun ni they all wanna make it outnumber by urging all citizen from all over malaysia turun padang untuk penuh kan Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach and the best part is during the night we all gonna have so much fun with glow in the dark Theme. cool huh?

When? happening in 22nd October 2016 (6pm-11pm)
So what are yall waiting for, heads up to Watsons official website "click here" and purchase your ticket only RM59.  Other option of purchasing the ticket you all semua can buy at Watsons store all around Klang Valley and Seremban.
The rest of troops that will accompany you thru the night with their grace moves. 
I am looking forward to get sweat all night long. Bring it on!!! luls~

Wohoooooo, here's some hype for yall to get more excited with the up coming event. Now you can get 20% off when purchase to any participating brand below. 
Should you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to drop by at Watsons Official website to get more info Move With you Body lead by one and the only Asia's Leading Health & Beauty brand 


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