Apr 12, 2013

Gembira dapat jumpa Hafiz Awan Nano!

hey uols,

Hari tu mek dengan kawan mek yang lain ala-ala Mean Girl jalan all the way at Bintang Road tu. You know we all like datin okay, bimbo here bimbo there and then we go inside Sungei Wang Fashion Mall and then I went to Vincci. Everytime Vincci Vincci. Yelah dear my favorite always come first kan.
 I always went to Vincci outlet looking if they got new arrival kind of shoes or sneakers. You know vincci always be one of my favorite all the time and Forever21 too! I cuci mata cuci here cuci there then I bought this one Shoes very elegant sesuai untuk beautiful person like me. 
Bonus Question based from the shoes picture above, on what size did datin wore? Please guess in large size coz datin's feet very big you know. Coz some of these people summon me as "A pretty face with Bigfoot"

Then I walk-walk round mingling inside sungai wang again till I saw this short familiar guy. Ouh you my blood pressure cannot be measure anymore. All my break cannot makan you know when I saw Hafiz Awan Nano standing infront of me and he accompanied with 2 local girl. His PA kot!
my hair and hafiz exactly the same, it just datin cannot faced the truth that I own that big wavy curl look. So better I do relaxing treatment so that my hair did not look so puff. 

As my kawan artis of course datin go approached him by saying HI. Ouh and then he said back Hi to me. I move step forward "fiz nak snap picture". Yes when we were in sarawak spending time lepak2 I used to called him FIZ haha.
 there you go Datin meet again Hafiz ^_^
kami sayang kitak!
a sarawakian quote.
Begitulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Awan Nano Nano Neno Neno Neno beri laluan ambulan nak lalu! Love you hafiz!

Stay Goddess.