Apr 13, 2013

Kifli Mally: Please No More Plastic Surgery!

hey y'all,

ever since we infected like the K-Pop phenomenal, everyone seems intend to had their face change, either drastic changes or not it still will change you physical looks. Like come on! especially girls and even boys. They got influence the celebrities gosh, if you guys take a good look on their celebrities how cute and melting handsome they are.

Hurm seriously perlu sangat ker you guys want to change you face in fact one day when you deliver baby and your baby exactly will got you natural beauty look haha. See don't you get what I'm trying to say! Here some of ther examples (result) after done with the Plastic Surgery.
yes indeed you girl still look beautiful indeed way more pretty, but then what will happen if the DNA that you carry will infect the rest of your entire family, descendant over descendant Scary right? girl come on lah nowadays make up also can be one of the medium for you girl to improve your shading, contour and blending makeup skills. Normally asian type only more into fade and black color basic. For an examples eyeliner will blend well with black and brown color palate walaaaaa and your done.

  usually this kind of sick thing happens to chinese girl coz they got like small narrow eye so they want to have like big eyelid. Wide and Open. That what they use to say! as referring to our Guru of Beauty Michelle Phan she got few tips on how to get you eyelid more wider without any single needle. [click here]
 if it doesn't work on you why not you guys take a picture tutorial in here. How a girl transform herself into a barbie doll look [click here] real awesome.

is it real even a teenagers of korean would have a plastic surgery as their birthday gift? like seriously starting to do a surgery in young age. Wow cool! Pretty not always being pretty coz it will fade away like a fading flower.
 have you read or run through this issues. I know it like so last year, but when we come up and think again, what is the consequence to have a pretty face but at the end it will make you life in misery. A husband win sued his wife ($120,000) in compensation, and the wife had spent like over ($100,000) for the surgery but unfortunately at the end she loss so much of amount and also a handsome husband like her's ^_^

so girls, be proud of what you are right now, coz it will make you more pretty in a good shape.
A naked eye will not only judge from the physical but from the inside as well.
sorry ah mak ayam always love girl out there, i talk talk you evalutate. Then if you still want to proceed with your surgery then go. No harm!

stay goddess girl.