Apr 14, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

hey uols,

basically its an "Iron Man 3" fever right now, everyone keep talking about this awesome epic movie. So even myself do not want to missed an

y single of this hilarious epic movie either. So I just straight away come up with a new costume design which I believe that it will give my custome inspiration become such much powerful to stand their territory. cc to Tony Sparks. I do really want him to wear my Iron Man Suit.

Oh yeah, I watched the trailer of Iron Man 3 and sort of it give a glance the end of Iron Man colony. There will be no more Iron Man after this, all this happens because of some conspiracy from irresponsible parties. In order to remain invisible his previous suit need to be enhance and some extra touch up. So I called the new of Iron Man suit as "I'M F4 suit" (Iron Man + Fantastic 4 suit)
by imply this formula into Iron Man suit I believe he will get all the power beyond his technology.
Mr. Fantastic the rubber
Invisible women
human torch
the thing.
and here you go Mr. Iron Man with his new suit formula. On his body will cover up with The Thing and it will give strong and solid performance. The costume also already be customize by using Invisible Woman power and also a barrier in order to protect him self from other enemy missile and bullet. The flame definitely brings more awesomeness from a distance it look like a roasted metal yet those flame can melt any metal approach him into a short distance ^_^ how awesome is that? but what happen to Mr Fantastic the stretching body. I bet you guys wouldn't see Iron Man stretch all over his body.

wait up Mr Iron Man need to iron his cloth for tomorrow.

Stay Goddess people!

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