Nov 24, 2012

Dominate my Fear Factor Fearless Challenge only on Astro

hye uols,

what's up my loyal readers. #eh I do got loyal readers ke? haha might bunch of them more comfort labeling themselves as silent reader. I don't bother how do you want to be as long you guys stay tuned and enjoying reading my blog yah~

"What your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?"

ok know, give me a sec to take a deep breath, fuh~ 
when it comes to fear, I do bet everyone is living with fear and I don't know how this kind of fear actually can affected certain live, may I know that fear also can be considered as Phobia n Traumatized? Seems familiar right? so how do they able to overcome each of this fear. 
am not afraid at all with this silk snake :)
For me I don't have any problem with heights I love roller coaster and flying fox, scorpions, lizard or even snakes. Cos I do believe in Dragon birth of mine should be fearless haha. But there's only on little tiny thing that till know I couldn't overcome with, --let me cry for a while T__T  like it brings me the end of the dead road. 

I just can bare with these little tiny creature where it got 4 pair strong skinny legs and with 4 eyes top of the head. This creature might look small but somehow when it sting it will cause you to death and that's the worst part which I still Phobia with. Yeah its a Spider. urghhhhh do not laugh ok. I do really mean it haha and even i don't know how I will able to overcome this kind of creature. Even when ever I look them crawling I will do what ever it takes to run away from that creatures. 
and am warning every one of my friends do not ever they dare to prank me with this crawling creatures or else I will beat them till death. I remember on that time during back at my school life, where a few of my friends surprise me with a box of spider and I beat them after I scream into half dead haha. ewwwwwwwww gross.
can you imagine on how it looked at you like you become their prey. haha
ok enough of this I barely could not typed any further because of this creatures like it watching my fingers moving on keyboard haha. once that time inside my untie's house I saw something big crawling under my couch and I run out side of the house and will not want to come inside unless they check properly and to make sure that creatures is away. Somehow I be alert to the surrounding any movement I will easily get shocked and traumatized. That's how how this creatures affect my life. urghhh
but not to worry, many thanx to Fear Factor for let my feal become fearless. Perhaps by watching you guys (celebrities) with full of stamina and disciplines will help me to dominate my fearless toward that tiny hopeless creatures haha. Yeah I am mean~

by the way guys do not forget to watched them survive on this challenge only on Astro’s Fear Factor Malaysia. Look forward with your favorite team on how they will survive this challenge and might be worst fear factor they ever face. For me I rather to be on Dazrin Kamaruddin side and with his partner Hairul Azreen. Go guys beat all the rest till the end of this show, remember stamina and health should be priority once you feel unwell it will affected the team so stay alert guys :) and beat Jehan Miskin haha *evil laugh

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