Nov 30, 2012 is the winner for Baskin Robbins Flavor Election at Publika

hey uols,

As we all informed that the winner for this Baskin Robbins Election is the owner of vivy yusuf I hope I say her name correctly :)

ok pertama sekali I nak ucapkan congrats for winning this election and there will be good news for Baskin Robbins lover out there. Vivy's manifesto is FREE UPSIZE if they purchase a Double Junior Scoop ice cream, and this campaign run for a YEAR~ and I do believe it save a cost a lot.

ok since uols already know the winner and now it's my turn to show to you guys what exactly happend during the finale election. As uols now that this event were held @publika such a high taste of urban shopping complex, as you can see the structure of the building and the ambiance are so refreshing. 
 weols tersampai awal, I guess 15 minit earlier than the exact time. Ahaks Punctual is the key. So I and EJ snap gambar begitu banyak waktu tu. Haha dekat broadway tu saja kami dah habis kan beberapa minit.
and then sharp 7pm the registration counter is finally open. T-shirt were given randomly. I thought I nak request Orange or Black cos the color are so striking. Tapi sekali kami dapat color Cream with represent Kiky Blue Fairy (Joyce). 
Once kita orang dah dapat T-Shirt kita orang terus shot ke washroom dah tukar then come back for more photo hunt haha.
 yeah yeah I know wasn't it cool 
sebelum weols semua start makan ais krim dengan banyaknya, our responsibilities to VOTE is keep remain~ and guess what am voting Hanis. For all of you had read my previous entry that am promoting Hanis uols will know it. For those wanna take a glimpse READ HERE
and now the best part when it comes to Eat,licking,sucking and blowing the Baskin Robbins ice cream ahaks.
As uols knew that they just serve the 5 flavor which represent each of the candidate.  Hanis Zalikha with her World Class Chocolate, Kinky Blue Fairy with her Jamoca Almond Fudge, KY Speaks and his Very Berry Strawberry, Sixth Seal with his Cookies n' Cream and Vivi Yusof with her Pralines n' Cream.
Firstly I get a bite each of the flavor and be honest I do really love Pralines n' Cream then followed by World Class Chocolate no wonder both of them are so great and tasty. Ahaks~
The berry berry presenter :) Ky Speaks
the 1st activities is brain freeze (I just give a name to that game) ^_^ where in a group of 3 members, they need to eat all those 15 cups of ice cream assigned to their flavor. Urghhh not so me~
 and the winner is Sixthseal's team :) congrats.
 and also it open to all bloggers and audience to give a try. Yeah all the participant really enjoying their ice cream. Seem everyone concentrate to finished them off. Plus Liang (emcees) will giving them a limited Baskin Robbins Key Chain and also a BR voucher.
 me and Ella Q for the ice cream refill, hurm let me guess that was the 3rd time refill the cup and cone haha. Yeah bring it on. But honestly Pralines n' Cream flavor is the best among all flavor on that night :)
masing-masing perkenalkan diri mereka dan apa yang mereka berikan andai kata mereka menang dalam campaign tu. Unfortunately on that day Hanis Zalikha could not come as she was busy conquering the Mount of Kinabalu Sabah ^_^ but not to worry her fans is havoc enough to represent her.

Ok and meanwhile waiting for the votes being count. Weols have a chit chat with the other bloggers, sharing useful tips and exchange URL :) what they say is from the outfit that you wear they will easily making assumption on what kind of blogger you passionate in. I mean is that easy to detect someone just only by looking their appearance? make a sense sometimes.
ok dan sekarang ni mereka semua dah berkumpul di atas pentas untuk menunggu result siapa pemenang untuk malam iut. Ada satu cone aiskrim sebelah mereka dan pemenanga akan diumumkan melalui kon ais krim tu.
wow who knows, Hanis Zalikah and Vivy Yusof mempunyai votes yang tertinggi dari semua peserta, but we know only one person will announce as winner.
 yeah Vivy Yusof  ( is the winner. This is Spartaaaaaa~ LOL
 From now on free up size if they purchase a Double Junior Scoop ice cream. Remember guys this menu run for a YEAR (till 23rd November 2013) where you can get them on weekdays from 10am - 3pm
 comel tak I punya Baskin Robbins Key Chain ni. Thanx to EJ for screaming till my ear bleeding, but its worth for they key chain huh? ahaks.

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