Nov 29, 2012

OOTD Kifli Mally: Turban in your head, save it for the last

 hey uols,

as you guys seeing the previous entry is all about the androgyny outfit where am dressed up as a girl :) am trying to make different ambiance in

and now am come up again with a new post shot entry where i called it 7# Turban in your head, save it for the last. The turban were nice and really fit my head. Actually am having a show at the KL Convention Center and the event were taking over by Maybank annual dinner actually. Yeah sounds fun with all the crowd and Arabic theme come along with this outfit and make up are really suit me up that night.
well i do have other few picture to share with you guys, seen as below:
ada banyak gambar lagi tapi itu je so far. ok till next then :)