Nov 5, 2012

I'm the new crew member at FashionFabulous @ Nuffnang

hey uols,

ok how suppose i want to start over my entry. mmmmm give me a sec for a while, ok u guys still ingat lagi tak entry ni by Nuffnang "Introducing Nuffnang’s All-New Facebook Groups" and on that time they try to introduced this 2 #ohsem group which is Nuffnang Shutterbugs and the Nuffnang Trendsetters.

Nuffnang Shutterbugs are more like into who super good at taking photo and meanwhile the Nuffnang Trendsetters for those out there got a nice sense in fashion. uols teka mana satu i pilih untuk join? hehe for sure lah i akan join fashion dulu. Cos i love anything in colors and rare outfit, that is soooo me and after that baru i akan fikir untuk photosnap. Fashion and Photography are such like siblings right can't tear them apart. what point uols nak pakai vogue n tip top segala kalau tak le nak snap pic buat as your kenangan.

ok cut all the crap~

tiba aku dapat invitation untuk menjadi salah satu ahli dalam FashionFabulous @ Nuffnang Group. First thing first dengan entry yang aku buat hari tu membolehkan aku terpilih uols :) Klik Sini untuk usha, plus sangat simple kot entry yang aku buat tu ^^_
Done with the Screening Movie ^_^

hurmm tapi kan selepas aku baca balik terasa macam panjang juga, maklumlah bahasa inggeris aku hancur dan retak seribu so do ignore ok. Ok so since aku dah terpilih aku just nak tekan kan satu sahaja disini iaitu am a Independent Fashion Blogger. But why do Independent? for some reason i ada mengatakan didalam entry yang aku bukan jenis yang tergilakan brand yang vogue sebagai fashion. For me wearing something nice and clean is considered as fashion what we just need to add is some color to our attire and yeah do not forget the accessories too ^^_
For me, my Concept in fashion is Mix and Match. Yes in every single outfit that i wore most of them just Mix and Match, where i do believe in myself from the concept that i get used to will gives me a lots of impression on Mix n Match concept. It will give us more basic experience on how to Mix this top with a matching trouser or with a matching accessories.
i sangat suka accessories a lot. Like bangle, headband, necklace, glasses, sun glasses, mafla/scarf and many more. So kalau ada masa i will post more of my collection ok. So far di dalam group macam baru lagi so far takde lagi plan yang dibincang kan hehe. So lepas ni korang boleh nantikan apa event yang bakal berlangsung dari FashionFabulous @ Nuffnang i just can feel the atmosphere we will bring into this blog things.

So as being as the conclusion i do really hoped that people who are reading this blog post is to know and realized that am a blogger boy who play the role of Androgyny type of fashion inspired by and at the same time i do more into Mix n Match fashion where the outfit that am wearing are not necessarily have to be branded and expensive as long am pleased with my own style it's enough for me though. Plus the purpose of me being this to help other people at once to inspired them where i believe there is no SIN on having a rare kind of attire in this world called Fashion haha ^_^ just kidding 

Ouh god! am getting intense. I just can't wait to gain an exceed experience with the rest of this FashionFabulous crew member. Sure i do believe they are more totally #ohsem compared just to an ordinary simple decent humble type of Independent Fashion Blogger Boy (Kifli Mally) haha.
So far i will attending this exclusive party at Mid Valley. So tunggu review dari i ok


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