Dec 30, 2012

Just a random picture by me.

hey uols,

since hari ni mek tak buat apa-apa duduk besarkan bontot kat rumah jer. Lepas bersihkan rumah terus buang sampah, terus teringin nak snap a few pictures that i taken randomly with different story to tell.
 lebih kurang dalam pukul 2pm i snap this photo. Just at the edge of my condo ^_^
lovely isn't it? at the first time i see the result i felt so calm and comfort~
fall in love at the first sight
praise to god for letting me stay that much longer in this surface.
this one pula, as i can recall on that day i have purchased a product from watson above RM100 and then i get this 2 tickets to Music Festival at stadium merdeka. Each of this ticket is worth for RM999 wow what surprise, but unfortunately i can't make it to the event on that time cos i got other event to attend :)
The new notice board that i bought yesterday at DAISO, yeah and it cos me like RM10 for that junk hehe
i know seems not fair enough for letting people acknowledge your shop serving each item for RM5 and then when ever you picked up the wrong item the price wouldn't be same anymore. 
usually the larger the item you get the larger price intend to pay. #Duh!
worth it lah, cos the most expensive thing inside DAISO is RM20. So far that am concern lah~
tadaaaaaa~ my new socks,
i wore socks when am going to bed every night.
when i was a child my mom always told me that don't forget to cover your feet with a socks. 
i ask my mom why? kinda begging for an answer.
she said that to let my damn pretty legs felt warm and cozy. 
ouh love you so much mom. u ain't give me hug tonight right? but somehow i felt that you always be there in my dreams.

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