Dec 25, 2012

Picture Review on Nuffnang Stickman Santa’s Christmas Tour

hey uols,

perhaps the image I uploaded from my camera will tell the story what actually is going on yeah. So let it be.
the official invitation is actually gone through from the official website of Nuffnang and then we just share the picture in order to get the invitation :)

actually its a quick tour lah to their working environment. We just went there and have some cookies and sweets and share some great stories. Me accompanied by rawlins.
welcome to Nuffnang and their sisters's ChurpChurp
sudah lama rasanya tak jejak kan kaki disini semenjak mereka dah berpindah ke office yang baru nie.
actually there's not much left to be said, so by showing this picture to you guys perhaps y'all seen by your self how great to have like them.

1st i nak bagi tengok surrounding on Churp2 decoration due the X-mas Holidays. Yeah they having a competition which office is got the best decoration and some of the deco are quite impressive ^_^

Churp2 office's decoration

 Nuffnang office's decoration

The main admin office' decoration

the most of our favourite is the ginger bread house :)
rawlins tengah busy bercerita tentang iphone 5 ^_^ he is a gadget freak 
can u guys imagine inside his clutch he got iPhone 5, Samsung note II and iPad wow superb isn't it.

and we served with some snacks with a glass of milk and strawberry :)
splendid. Thank You so much for the wonderful moment :) 
even it just a quick tour but for me its more than enough of having all the treats. 


Rawlins GLAM said...

Thanks sebab sebut iols in your lovely blog
Baca entry iols gak OK

Kifli Mally said...

@Rawlins byRawlins hahah uols siapa je yang ada dalam blog i akan i mention :)

Unknown said...

Nice nyer deq... kalau kat rumah adeq wat deco macam nie mesti mama adeq hilang #stress

Kifli Mally said...

@Selena Helena haha jangan cakap mama je sis, semua orang pun sure suka. Pastu lagi ramai kawan datang buat sepah ahhaha

Charis said...

thanks for dropping by Kifli and Rawlins! hope you enjoyed the tour :D

Kifli Mally said...

@Charis yeah we do really enjoyed :) thanx hun~